Tribute to life

Ceremonies, rituals to honor the major life transitions.

Tribute to mother, before and after birth

With presence, heart and intuition as a compass, I can create a space where it is possible and space for gratitude, honesty and depth. To meet with an intention to take on what is often too big on your own

Tribute to the pregnant woman is a celebration before birth together with other women, family. We take the step deeper than a "baby shower" and create a closer celebration and different gift for the expectant mother. 3 hours

Tribute to the mother, is a closing ritual after birth that is created together with the parter (+ some family to look after the baby) This ritual has different stages but we work with the elements, such as water and fire. Can be done from 6 weeks after birth and until adulthood. A warm and healing time after a birth.

We spend 3 hours on the entire session, at your home.

Price NOK 2,500