You are facing a major life change, and my intention with these courses is that you will be physically, mentally and emotionally equipped to face the new with security, joy and lots of love.

Course for couples - group

This is for you couples who want to meet in a group and both explore and learn different pain-relieving techniques, physical exercises, birthing positions etc. The pregnant women meet separately, and the men in their own group and finally we have a Saturday together to implement the gifts.

A total of 5 times. (2 times in female/male group + 1 joint) Price NOK 1,750

Course for couples

This course is for you couples who want close preparation to strengthen tools, exercises and become even safer as a couple. We use, among other things, rebozo, the Meyer method, acupressure and go through birthing positions and much more. Meets 3 x 90 min. Price NOK 2,500

* please note that driving is additional if we are to meet at your place.

Course for expectant fathers

Come with hair on your chest and travel with even more!

You know more than wet wipes and clenched hands, and in this clean new father's course you will get lots of tools for birth so you can support your child and woman in the very best way. You are the most important supporter in the living room.

4 hours - NOK 1,500.