Mie, 43



Mother of 2

I am the entrepreneur of Hyllest elderflower juice, doula and natural child. Danish-born and living in Telemark, Norway since 2001, mother of two beautiful teenage boys. Loves to learn new things, and explore life both down to earth; nature, herbs, food and drink and the heavenly with meditation, spirituality and magic. The essence is joy and pleasure.

"Tribute to Life" is my vision to share it with you. My intention is to create a safe and warm space.

The transitions in life, such as a birth and becoming parents can be overwhelming and give the experience of both getting something, and having to let go of other things. A great teacher and opportunity to gain completely new life perspectives about oneself and one's relationships.

It is a great pleasure for me to contribute with experience, passion and knowledge about the birth journey into parenthood.


If I were a tree, it would be an Eldeflower

With bright light flowers dancing against the sun,

stretching towards the light and with heavy berries that are drawn towards the earth.

Accommodates both the bright light,

the heavy darkness with deep respect for the life force

which flows through both of these.

Mie Dahlmann Jensen

Nature is our home and historical background, here we are always welcome to feel contact with our natural existence.

My story

For many years I have been concerned with, and been willing to open up to more presence, calmness and living life as a tribute to life. I have felt the very challenging, depressive and anxiety both after a break-up with young children, and not finding one's way and place in the labor market, far from the motherland of Denmark. I have come through with the help of time in nature, family constellations, artistic expression, meditation and a good number of other tools. It is to create, has also had a transformative effect. Most of all, listen to your intuition and follow joy for the next step on the road.

The magic can lie in coincidences, the silent messages and in our emotions and intelligent body. This journey and the process of meeting the feelings, myself and reflecting on the big questions have meant that I can now with respect and ease accommodate this to others, also with acceptance and kindness, without judgement. All feelings, expressions, thoughts are welcome - together we can become curious and go on a discovery journey in them and let them transform. It was a nice surprise to see how experiences, personality and interests come together in doula work - and I can't wait to share it!

You are welcome to see my other business www.hylleblomstsaft.no

Education and Workshops

Tools in my Doula bag:

  • Rebozo
  • Acupressure
  • Breating technics
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Birth positions and bodywork
  • Pain management
    The Meyer Method - the natural epidural
  • Conversation
  • Closeness to nature
  • Family constellation, relationship work
  • Spaciousness for different family compositions, cultures.

Completed Education and workshops

  • Birth therapist, Copenhagen 2022
  • Workshop with the Doula School, Norway with Gry Aksnes 2020
  • Course with Eirik Myrhaug, Sami shamanism summer course. 22
  • Course 2011-2020, partially completed education in constellation, art therapy at Pia Storm Kalhof, Kongsberg.
  • Annual studies innovation and entrepreneurship 2015
  • Teacher of outdoorlife, folkart and special pedagogy 2009

Field of interest

  • Nutrition and diet
    Herbs, wild plants, gathering in nature,
  • Shamanism, drumming
  • Writing as a tool, painting as a form of expression, Bach Flower Remedies, Astrology,
  • Channeling,
    The power of thought and affirmations.
  • My sources of inspiration are; Vasant Swaha, Lee Harris, Eckart Tolle, Anja Stensig, Louise Hay Abraham Hicks, Yoqi Mellisa and many more.