Sessions /Doula sessions

600 kr/ 60 min

1000 kr / 90 min


Individual or couple session, regardering pregnancy or relationship. (can also be held online via zoom)

We start excately where you are, with your needs and issues. We can work psysically with your body, emotionally and mentally depending on your situation. Using rebozo, excercises and conversation - helping you in the direction towards peace, strength and empowerment. All starts with a deep breath, a tea and a gentle melt into your own body.

kr 1350,-

The combination of nature, movement and the dynamic conversation can give us a number of insights and gifts for body and soul. Which landscapes do we choose to walk in? the mountain for insight and views, the forest for safety and closeness to ourselves and the earth. Elven, the possibilities are many, but I choose the one I think provides the right framework for your needs.

You don't have to be pregnant, woman, man - maybe you are in the process of creating something, letting go of something and my experience calls you out of curiosity.

We set aside 2 hours for this trip.

Walk and talk