Doula services, birth and beyond


What is a doula and how can we be of support ?

A doula / birth therapist is an experienced and trained woman who supports pregnant women before, during and after birth. The word doula comes from Greek and means "woman helping woman". Unlike midwives, we do not have medical responsibility, but assist as emotional, mental, practical and spiritual support. If desired, we are with you during the birth, and assist as support for you to create security.

In my doula bag is knowledge in natural pain relief, the Meyer method, acupressure, rebozo, breathing techniques, meditation and mental focusing, and much more.

The intention is; the more you relax and indulge in the birthing process, the better the hormones work for you and the baby. Giving birth is about letting go, in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

I'm here to make sure you can do just that.

Do you want to prepare as well as possible and need support in your process? Maybe you dread the birth? Both you and your partner can greatly enjoy the tools from the doula bag, they will hopefully give you a good birth experience and a good start to a new life with your child.

Feel free to get in touch for a casual and open conversation.

Research shows

Those giving birth have a greater positive experience of the birth.

The birth is shorter, less use of painkillers, and 30% less risk of caesarean section.

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My specialities as doula


As a doula, I have good knowledge of birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding and the relationship between mother, child and partner.

The nervous system and hormones play a big role in birth, and with knowledge helps to induce the good birth hormones to reduce fear and adrenaline.

It is my most important approach and can be done in several ways through physical, mental and spiritual presence.

I do not take medical responsibility, but can contribute to understanding and information about pain relief and rights on e.g. the hospital.


-Rebozo (Massage with a large shawl, Mexican tradition with a focus on the pelvis and the large surrounding muscles)

- Acupressure

- Prenatal positions

- Breathing techniques

- Yoga positions and resting positions

- Natural epidural Meyer method

When the body is going through the big job of giving birth to a child, we can loosen up and prepare the body in advance with sitting positions, resting positions, and movements that provide flow and relaxation. Your body knows how to give birth to your child, I can help to inspire confidence and pave the way. There is an incredible amount you can do in advance, and this preparation is a real gift for you and your child.


-The intimate conversation

-Meditation and relaxation

-Mental training and focus

- I'm on your side in the face of the new

- Their regular support during birth, with practical support etc.

In the many phases leading up to a birth, various tools can be useful. As a doula, I can guide you through the new universe, with practical tasks, both emotionally and mentally. It's a big transition, and I want to strengthen your calmness, self-confidence and self-esteem and, not least, contribute to you getting a great start together with your children.